Our Academics

St. Mary Elementary School provides an understanding and nurturing environment to develop a strong foundation to support a
student's education their entire life.

St. Mary’s school is dedicated to creating life-long readers and writers who love literacy! Literacy has always been an important priority in our school, as we strive to meet the needs of each and every student. Over the past few years, we have implemented strategies from Joyful Literacy to help students develop their sight words, we regularly focus on targeted, collaborative classroom instruction, and work daily to get students reading and writing. Our goal is to help students feel successful and excited about their progress as we help students become confident, capable readers and writers. We celebrate literacy with things like book fairs, Accelerated Reading, and family literacy nights.


At St. Mary's we believe science is not just about new technology, inventions or new medicines. Science is a way of helping the brain grow by discovering new knowledge to feed a child's curiosity about how the world works today.


Feeling good about a piece of writing that a student has worked on and successfully completed helps build their self-confidence, generates positive emotions, and leads them down a path of success.


Possessing proficient written skills is an essential aspect of education. As students prepare for the transition from elementary to high school, as well as beyond this, developed written skills are essential from them to learn how to compose ideas, organize their thoughts and arguments, support key points and share information.


In our school, mind, body and soul are nourished. Staff and students cultivate their faith in many ways: through prayer, scripture study, liturgical celebrations, retreats and faith instruction. Our actions and relationships with each other reflect our faith.

We educate our students about the responsible use of this freedom. We are most free when we accept and extend God's love to the world.


Our K-7 mathematics curricula are designed to prepare students to cope confidently and competently with everyday situations that demand the use of mathematical concepts. The mathematics program is intended to stimulate the spirit of inquiry within the context of mathematical thinking and reasoning.

Within each grade level, outcomes are directly related to the development of one or more of these goals:

Logical Thinking

Number Sense

Spatial Sense

Mathematical Attitude

Physical Education

Regular physical activity promotes learning and improves overall student wellness. Poor health makes excelling in every other subject in school difficult which is why we encourage participation in activities and school sports.


We aim to make your child's love of physical education a life long habit.

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