Breakfast and Lunch Program

Nutrition education is an essential component in improving dietary habits and food choices. Poor dietary habits and lack of physical activity is one of the main reasons for poor nutritional status among adults. A balanced diet is very important in the Light of Christ Catholic School Division and at St. Mary's a breakfast and lunch program is provided for those requiring this service.  


Breakfasts are provided to students FREE OF CHARGE. 


Breakfast is served in "Mom's Room" from 8:30 - 8:50am.

Ms. Kalyn

Kitchen Coordinator


Goal:  To provide a pleasant and orderly environment in which students can enjoy their breakfast.

Students are expected to behave responsibly and promptly eat their breakfast. Their breakfast must be eaten in Mom's Room, after which they are expected to go to the playground in the morning and then they will be let into the school for breakfast if they line up at the gym doors. After breakfast students will go back outside to the playground until they are allowed back in school after the morning bell.

Responsible Behaviour:

  • Eat your own breakfast.

  • Stay at your table.

  • Talk quietly.

  • Clean-up.


Consequences for Misbehaviour:

  • If a student's behaviour is consistently disruptive they will lose the privilege of breakfast.



There is a cost of $10.00 per month for students wishing to be part of the lunch program.  The monthly newsletter calendar lists the daily lunches being served for the month.  If your child does not like the food offered or if you have not paid the $10.00 monthly fee please be sure to send a lunch from home.  All students wishing to participate in the lunch program must have their lunch card paid for by the 20th of the prior month. Eg. September 20th $10 is due for October’s lunch card.


If a student wishes to order lunch they must be at school by 10:40am. If they arrive after the second bell, they must check into the office for a late slip.  Students arriving at school after this time (10:40am) or who do not check into the office for their late slip will not be able to order lunch for that day.


Goal:  To provide a pleasant and orderly environment in which students can enjoy their break.

  • Students who live four or more blocks from school and bus students may bring their lunch.

  • Special permission for students, who live within the four block radius, to eat lunch at school may be granted under special circumstances.  Such permission must be obtained by calling the Principal or Vice-Principal.

  • On extremely cold days in the winter months, students may be granted permission to stay for lunch.

  • On rare occasions when your child cannot go home for lunch, send a note for the teacher explaining why your child needs to eat lunch at school that day.

  • Drinks in glass containers are not permitted in the classroom.  Nutritious drinks, rather than soda pop, are encouraged.

  • Chocolate milk and/or juice may be purchased by noon lunch students for consumption at lunch time.  They can be purchased daily or punch cards may be obtained which prepays – $10 for 11 chocolate milk,  $20 for 22 chocolate milk and $7.50 for 11 juice.  Daily prices are juice $.75  and chocolate milk $1.00.

  • Parental consent must be provided by a signed note or by telephone in order for students to leave the school grounds.


Responsible Behaviour:

  • Eat your own lunch.

  • Sit at your desk.

  • Talk quietly.

  • Clean-up.


Consequences for Misbehaviour:

  • 1st time – a warning

  • 2nd time – loss of eating in class

  • 3rd time – not allowed to eat at school during the lunch break

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