Updated Policy for Bus Cancellations

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

To Parents/Guardians:

Re: Bus Cancellations

Light of Christ School Division would like to inform you of our updated policy for bus cancellations:

1.) The Director or designate will cancel all bus services in every instance where the actual temperature with the wind chill is below -45 degrees Celsius. This information is based upon the Weather Information Office of Environment Canada at the North Battleford Airport.

a. Bus cancellations will be normally made by 7:00 am before drivers begin their route.

b. This information will be communicated through the local radio stations (Q98 Booth- 306-446-0979 and CJNB Booth 306-445-1050), text, social media and the division website.

c. If there are extra-curricular activities the school will be responsible for using social media, website and phone calls to advise families that the event is cancelled.

2.) All Light of Christ bus routes that would be cancelled include A, C, E, F1, F2, K, N. NE. NW, R and S.

3.) All students that receive bus services from the town of Battleford or rural routes are bused by Living Sky School Division- Parents/Guardians should refer to the website ( for information regarding bus cancellations.

4.) It is the Bus company’s responsibility to inform all parents/guardians and schools of bus cancellations using the telephone and any other means possible.

5.) It is advised that parents/guardians ensure that students who are on the bus are properly dressed for cold weather. If there is a bus breakdown it is the responsibility of the bus company to ensure a replacement bus is available.

6.) In extreme weather conditions and busses are still running, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardians on the decision to send students to school.

7.) Schools will remain open regardless of weather conditions or bus cancellations, unless advised by the Director of Education.

8.) To ensure your family can be contacted please make sure you have given the school your current phone number.


Mr. Loeppky


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